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Pinakotag is an integrated and operational identification, traceability and documentation system that combines traditional Conservation-Restoration techniques with innovative IoT technologies (Internet of Things)

Designed to optimize the management of private or museum collections, Pinakotag is:

An identification tag affixed on the artwork through a wax seal including an RFID chip. Aesthetic, customizable and easy to implement, this device is compliant with the conservation-restoration recommendations in terms of marking artworks: it is secure, non-invasive and durable although completely reversible.

an online database centralizing for each object the entirety of its historical, technical and administrative documentation, and to which read-write access is tailor-made according to the operator and the structures specific needs.


Designed for any operator led to interact with a piece of art, Pinakotag is based upon a simple and functional architecure.

Pinakotag articulates and centralises all information related to an art object. A clear a complete identification sheet gathers:

Conservation files

Conservation-restoration: condition and treatment reports, alteration mapping, technical specifications of used treatment products, scientific imaging records etc.

Technical: installation and lightning plan, inventory sheet, storage instructions and material, hygrometrics and lux exposure track records, etc.

Documentation: historical, iconographics, stylistics researches, authentificatio reports, exhibitions and bibliographic records, etc.

Administrative files

Certificates: of authenticity, of ownership, of insurance, notarial act etc.

Transport: transport voucher and delivery bill, custom documentation, transport insurance etc.

Accounting data: sales contracts, suppliers invoices, various type invoices, etc.

Any other document


Achieve an exhaustive and reliable inventory easily thanks to the mobile application. . Pinakotag allows you to edit a secure inventory register at the end of the period and manage real-time movements.

Prepare condition reports through the application. Reports are automatically generated and stored within the file of the art object, where they are permanently available for a close follwup of alterations evolution.

Build a list of art works easily, handy for movement management, exhibition preparation, editing cartels or any other document.

Simple to implement and use, Pinakotag adapts to your structures organization according to your needs.

In complete security: the database is hosted on a dedicated and secure server with a recognized provider. The setting of write/read only access is customizable for each user to guarantee the confidentiality of certain information depending on the job function. The marking is secured by a unique and non-reproducible number. A "re-tagging" however remains possible if necessary (in case of a stretchers replacement for exemple).

All information about an artwork is instantly available on smartphone and tablet through Pinakotags application. The entire database is also accessible remotely on a computer in order to carry out precise research or to enrich the available documentation.

Through computer, smartphone and tablet access instantly to real time data, add artworks to the database or upload information to enrich the documentation of an art object.


Centralization: all the information in a single database: conservation, administration, condition reports, inventory

Transversality: information is available in open data to all operators involved, in a secure and real-time way

Ergonomics: through a PC a search engine allows access to all data, through a smartphone the tag accesses the artworks unique file

Flexibility: adaptable to institutions and operating businesses (curators, collectors, art dealers, restorers, etc.)

Security: secured data, secured marking, secured access

Traceability: the secured mark authentificates the object identified and each event is registered in the base (exhibition, transport, restoration, sale, etc.)

Valuation: the preservation of the memory of an artwork is also a way to secure and enhance a financial investment

Who we are

As restorers-conservators, we often wish artworks could tell us more about their history, their wounds and scars. We designed Pinakotag as a way to keep the memory of a piece of art in an aesthetic way while being compliant with the constraints linked to the marking of an artwork. Our reflexion and experience led us to widen this tool towards all professional activities related to collection management. In a world where the art market implies worldwide moves throughout the life of a masterpiece, it rises traceability and transparency issues as well as efficiency and time saving. Pinakotag centralizes, organizes and secures all digitalized data, available in real-time, all time through a smartphone or a tablet.

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